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Ash and Elm Play Studio

Hot Mess Moms Group

Hot Mess Moms Group

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Join us for open play with some fellow hot mess moms.


We are all doing what we can to survive, and if that means you show up with your kid in pajamas eating nuggets and you are in sweats with unwashed hair, THAT'S OK.

I've raised 4 kids, it's lonely, it's exhausting, somedays it's thankless and somedays doing 20% feels as hard as doing 100% and I know I'm not alone.

Let's do our best to avoid hot button topics, we get enough of that on social media and no one needs to feel uncomfortable. 

Restart that load of laundry you forgot about in the washer (it CAN'T be just me) and let your kids play for an hour. 


MEMBERS- Get this event for free, Use your member code at check out

This is a non refundable event, regardless of attendance.  


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