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Do you have a young child who is full of energy and loves to play outside? Do you have a child who has a birthday in the winter months? As a mom of an active 4-year-old, whose birthday is in January, I have been faced with both of these questions, coupled together. It is always a challenge trying to find a place to accommodate his energy along with a slew of other kiddos helping him celebrate his birthday during winter time.

My 4-year-old has begged for the past couple years to have his birthday at a park with a BIG slide and lots of running areas. If you have a child with a winter birthday, I think you can feel me on this. I ALWAYS have to worry about the 3 major weather events: cold, rain, and snow. Although, to a 4-yearold these 3 natural events would be epic, but to a mama taking care of a lot of kids, planning every detail of a birthday, and making sure to be able to make it across town to get that special Spiderman cake, it’s a disaster.

There are very few places that accommodate play inside, and a birthday without play isn’t fun. Why is it important to have a play area inside? Well, not just to help moms out there that need a space for a winter birthday and not just to help entertain, but it helps parents have a bit of what is called, “controlled chaos”. By having 4 walls surrounding a large indoor playground, parents can keep up with their children (a little) more without the worry of them going too far off in one direction. We all have those children that love to run (in the wrong directions) and you have to get up, sprint across the playground hopping over every obstacle such as the mound of dirt, around the swings, through the sprinkler just to catch up with your 1-year-old that has recently learned to run.

Every mom knows what I am talking about when those kiddos learn the act of running. However, having an indoor playground helps ease those situations through play in designated areas that allow the little ones to stay confined to an area that is fully suited for them. Next, when children have an indoor playground that has areas where they can run, climb, jump or ride, they are able to get rid of every bit of energy. This is a dream for any parent. You can watch your child as they play without the fear of the weather disrupting or it ruining a perfectly planned out birthday while also sitting comfortably in a climate-controlled setting. Play is vital in a child’s life, especially in young kids who wish to be active every time their eyes are opened.

Not only does play help a child’s gross and fine motor skills, it also helps them explore, create, and be imaginative usually in the presence of other kiddos. So, if you are teetering on what to do for your child’s birthday during winter months or need a place to take those sweet kids that's not weather dependent, check out Ash & Elm for birthday parties and for open play. 

- LeAnne Traynham

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