Top 5 Birthday Party Trends

Top 5 Birthday Party Trends


At Ash and Elm Play Studio, we see a lot of birthdays week in and week out. Ashley scourers the mommy blogs, birthday trends, and social media to keep up to date with what parents want with a birthday location. This way, when you book your party with us, you can feel satisfied knowing that your kiddo and their friends will have a great time.

Did you notice we updated our birthday website page to serve parents better? You can now book everything via the website. The average parent in the US spends $400 dollars on their kid’s birthday party. Our birthday party packages start at $220.00 dollars, which is a heck of savings right off the bat.

We understand as a parent; birthdays can be an overwhelming amount of work for you to get done. At Ash and Elm Play Studio, we have taken all the work out of it for you and put a little fun in its place. No need to clean the house before the party. No need to clean after the party, No awkward forced adult interaction with a parent you don’t know. No need to go shopping for decorations. No need to get cupcakes for the party. These are all things we take care of, and many more.

So what are the 5 top trends we have seen with birthday parties?


 It’s their day, and you should make it about something they enjoy. This was a huge trend last year and is going strong. Frankly, we don’t see this trend going away any time soon. It is great to get a theme and base the party on that. We have seen lots of unique themes like "ice cream shop" or themes based off of popular cartoons or movies. It makes planning your whole party a little easier to have a theme. 


We have two balloon towers at our studio for birthday parties. They are always an festive way to decorate the party with colors that match your theme.


Hosting at home is so much work, and the kiddos can quickly get bored. We have play structures, pretend areas and fort-building materials at Ash and Elm Play Studio. We even have an ultimate birthday package with our themes, including additional theme-related games. Keeping everyone entertained is a great way to make the party move smoothly and ensure everyone has a great time. 


I’m sorry to be the first person to let you know this. We all eat too much sugar. I know that is a revelation that you have never heard. Parents can be particularly protective about the amount of sugar their children get. In addition, children can be picky eaters and may not want chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, or carrot cake just because it’s the birthday kiddos’ favorite flavor. For these reasons, cupcakes are the current trend. With Ash and Elm, you can do a simple add on for the cupcakes from Gracene's Cupcake Boutique and they will be delicious and there for you when you arrive at the studio for the party.


The final trend is not forgetting the adults! All those little people you invited normally need at least one adult to bring them. Space fills up pretty quickly in homes, condos, or apartments. Seating, space, comfort, coffee car and WIFI are all things Ash and Elm has for our adult friends there to help celebrate your kiddo’s big day.

Fair warning though booking a birthday at Ash and Elm Play Studio for your child may cause friends, family, and that one parent down the road that always seems to get invited somehow to get some green eyes of envy that you booked your kid’s party here before they could.

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