Playing with your kids will build communication for a lifetime

Playing with your kids will build communication for a lifetime

We know that play is important for children's development. But we often don't realize how important play is for a family's development as a whole. 

 According to Burns (2019), it is crucial for families to play together. That is how we build bonds in the family, the inside jokes, and create communication with one another on a deep and meaningful level. As parents, we are allowed to lighten up, laugh, joke and kid around with our children. I know with our kids, we let our hair down (if I had any left) and go crazy. I run, jump, and be silly, essentially tapping into my youth from long ago and sharing it with them.

Burns (2019), continues that families that play together are happier, healthier, and stay together. Because play opens up lines of communication with your children at an early age as they grow and communication becomes harder these times may be a safety net for you as a parent to be able to reach your children later in life.

I can tell you from my personal experience with our 14 year old daughter that communication can become harder. But I can also tell you that we can work through challenges and difficulties because we have lines of communication developed over the last decade-plus of being there for each other. Our family has strived since the beginning to make sure our kiddos have enriching opportunities. That led us to some amazing adventures and our discovery of play places in Germany.

With a never ending to do list at home, it's sometimes hard to sit down and forget the to do list and to play. That's where Ash & Elm comes in. If you want to make the time and effort to play with your kids and don't want the distraction of your own home we offer lots of opportunities for caregivers to play with their children without the concern of making a mess or the to do list that is sitting on your counter back at home. 

We have grown our family to four children and two adults. We continue to have adventures, small and large with them to play, laugh, and build deeper relationships with each of them. This was a driving factor for Ashley to build Ash and Elm Play Studio. A place with a relaxing environment designed for young children where they can have mini adventures, and the parents can enjoy playing. We at Ash and Elm Play Studio hope you and your family can play and build your forever bonds starting at us.

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