Ashley’s 101 rules for naming a baby

Ashley’s 101 rules for naming a baby

Hey friends,

Everyone has rules for all sorts of things.  Ash and Elm Play Studio is no different.  We have rules for no eating, drinking, or shoes on our grass area.

 Of course the most important rule is to have fun. But these aren’t the rules I wanted to share with you today.

I thought this would be a fun read for anyone excepting a baby soon.  At the studio names and naming kids come up a lot. We have several guests that are expecting soon and we’re thrilled to be part of their lives.  

What do baby names and rules have in common you might ask.  
Well Ashley has a list of rules for naming a child.  These rules can 
make naming your child harder but I believe the results are worth the arbitrary hurdles we placed on ourselves when we named our children.  Without further ado the rules list below:
1) Cannot be in the top 100 names for the last couple of years according to the Social Security website. We did have to bend this rule slightly and settle for nothing in the top 50 names for Miles.
2) Cannot be a family members name.
3) Had to be easy to spell and learn
4) The initials couldn’t spell a word or have alternative meanings (This is Marks rule, NOT Ashley’s) 
5) Had to look up meanings of the name from multiple sources and cultures.

6) After the first child the names all had to make sense.
7) Had to have an adult name that the kid could grown into.

It’s been a couple of years since we had to go through this exercise and I’m sure there are a few of Ashley’s rules I’m forgetting.  Go ahead in the comments and let us know some of your rules for naming children.  

Fortunately, I get to name the dogs and only help with the kids names. Maybe the next post will be the Mark’s rules on naming dogs.  Final note you might ask what names did we ultimately land on:
Tessa, Elinor, Miles.  

Mark Baker

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